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Don't allow your busy schedule to compromise the lives and well-being of those in your organization!
Our workplace violence mitigation and active shooter response programs are designed to continually enhance the safety and security of your organization, without disrupting the vital day-to-day missions required for your growth and success.  

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 Training for the Busy Professionals
Powerful, Life Altering Training
Increase Moral and Camaraderie
We understand that you are busy, that is why we have designed our packages to fit your hectic schedule, and deliver top of the line training that you can use to enhance your organizations safety and security. 
We provide you the opportunity to take simple and effective actions to enhance your livelihood. We don't believe in showing you what we are capable of doing, but what you can do on a day-to-day basis to live a safer life. 
When organizations take their safety and security seriously, the people within the ranks take that to heart. They have a common bond within to remain safe together. This is one big benefit that we provide that you can't put a price tag on. 
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"I served with Ryan and have known him since 2009. It's unsurprising that Ryan would have started a business like this one. His breadth of experience and knowledge in physical security and self defense, and his ability to mesh the two together, is truly extensive. He is the man you want teaching your company or you as an individual. From my experience with him, he can break a complex topic down into simple, digestible bites. He doesn't just teach theory, but actual application. Again - this is the man you want for self defense and physical security."  Wayne Mai, Marine Corps Major, Entrepreneur, Financial Planner

"I've worked with Ryan for many years in the security community within the military and commercial environment. He is a top-notch professional that is very detailed oriented and always has the interest of the at heart. He is flexible to the customers security need and training requirement. He has the ability to listen to the customer and develop a program or plan for small and large scale security requirements such as operational security, anti-terrorism/force protection, critical infrastructure protection and personal security. I would come to Ryan for any security needs because of his keen knowledge of all things security and his professionalism." Germaine Jenkins, Retired United States Marine Corps, IT Industry Consultant

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